Kelly Field (SKF) Comprehensive Plan

Project Background

Kelly Field is a joint use, civil-military (CIV/MIL) airfield in southwestern San Antonio. The airfield itself is owned, operated and maintained by the Air Force and is a longstanding strategic asset for our community and our nation-with a long history, a far-reaching economic impact today and significant opportunities to grow civilian and military activities.

Military operational flying units at Kelly Field include the 149th Fighter Wing and the 433rd Airlift Wing, which are based on the western side of Kelly Field. The 502nd Operations Support Squadron provides air traffic control. Port San Antonio operates the 1,900-acre campus that comprises an industrial airport, port operations, industrial airpark, and an array of industrial and commercial facilities that house over 80 tenant customers on the east side of the runway. Port customers directly employ over 14,000 people in the community and include major aerospace, cybersecurity, applied technology and additional Department of Defense operations.

The Kelly Field Comprehensive Plan ("the Plan") is a collaborative, long-range, broad-based planning effort which blends military installation planning from Joint Base San Antonio with civilian airport planning from Port San Antonio. The Plan seeks to develop a single strategy to continue ongoing commercial development and economic growth through the civilian side of Kelly Field while also supporting mission sustainment and potential growth of military operations and activities.

The plan will merge development standards and planning from the Department of Defense, Joint Base San Antonio, the City of San Antonio (including community input received from SA Tomorrow planning efforts), Bexar County, Port San Antonio, the State of Texas, and the Federal Aviation Administration.

The Kelly Field Comprehensive Plan is funded by the Office of Economic Adjustment under a grant managed by Alamo Area Council of Governments. CHA Consulting, Inc. is the principal planning firm facilitating this comprehensive and collaborative planning effort.