Kelly Field (SKF) Comprehensive Plan

Components & Process

The Comprehensive Plan is a yearlong planning process that will detail Kelly Field as it exists today and will provide a single strategy for its development over the next 20 years that align military and civilian ideals. The steps in the process will overlap each other in real time, but generally the flow of the process includes:

  1. Collect, inventory and catalog existing data and regulatory context related to Kelly Field
  2. Interview and survey stakeholders inside and outside of Kelly Field, including initiation of Technical Advisory and Policy Advisory Committees, TAC and PAC, respectively.
  3. Examine known conflict and compatibility issues and find resolutions that meet both military and civilian needs.
  4. Develop alternative concepts for the development of Kelly Field with a 20-year planning horizon
  5. Conduct an economic impact analysis of Kelly Field
  6. Prepare and finalize the Comprehensive Plan
Flowchart of the Comprehensive Plan components and process View as PDF